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This is mostly a repository of photos from various travels and races. There is little else of substance... but I'm working on it! If you like a photo you can use it for free (personal or commercial) under the terms of theĀ Creative Commons Attribution license.

If you like dogs you'll enjoy the photos of Mielo, Rex, Molly, their friends, and the many foster dogs that have passed through our doors.





What's New?

  • Joyce and I are back from our 1 month west coast road trip. We're moving to the Boston area in May so figured we should take time to explore the west coast while we still live on the west side of the country. Our trajectory was roughly: Tucson, AZ * Los Angeles * hug the coast north to Seattle * Mt. St. Helens * Portland, OR * Columbia River Gorge * Bend, OR * Mt. Shasta, CA * Sacramento, CA * Yosemite NA * Mojave NP * Joshua Tree NP * Tucson, AZ.
    • Joyce kept a blog of our daily travels and the interesting and fun things we did along the way. Check it out if you're ever looking for ideas on what to see, what to do, where to eat, and where to sleep.
    • Photos from California and its national parks are here.
    • Photos from Washington state are here.
    • Photos from Oregon are here.

Northern AZ photos


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